Consultation document

How can we make policies to deliver our key objectives?

When considering what strategic and detailed policies we should include in the Local Plan to deliver the five key objectives we have grouped them into three key themes:

1. Protecting and enhancing our natural environment;

2. Growing a prosperous economy; and

3. Ensuring health and wellbeing for all.

Many policy topics which the Local Plan must cover will be cross-cutting and have relevance across all three themes.

We have suggested three themes as we think the need to deliver sustainable development and vibrant places and the essential infrastructure required to support growth are overarching objectives and should be central to all policies and therefore do not need separate themes.


Diagram showing how the Local Plan objectives overlap and form the three themes which are Natural environment, Prosperous economy and Health and Wellbeing

Diagram 5: How the objectives overlap and form the three themes of the Local Plan