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Key objectives for the Local Plan


To address the key issues facing Elmbridge and to achieve our vision, the new Local Plan will need to make clear what are the key objectives that new development and growth will need to focus on delivering.

We have identified five objectives for the Local Plan. These have been informed by your responses to previous consultations, the technical work, national policy, other Elmbridge strategies, and the issues and challenges we have identified.


 Deliver sustainable development and vibrant places that are excellently designed to achieve a better quality of life, a prosperous economy and a healthy built and natural environment for the benefit of existing residents and future generations.

To adapt to, and mitigate, the effects of climate change; to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, minimise energy use; improve air quality and protect and enhance our natural environment.

To provide the environment and opportunities to foster a prosperous economy with modern, flexible and well-connected workspaces where industries and businesses can thrive. Where our locally distinctive centres offer a vibrant place to live, work and socialise, continuing to be the heart of our communities.

To deliver quality homes for all to create inclusive communities, promoting healthy lifestyles and positively contribute to the physical and mental health and wellbeing of those that live, work and visit the borough.

Ensure the delivery of the right infrastructure in the right place and at the right time to support growth. 


Are the objectives the right ones? Are there any objectives that you think we have missed?

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