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Forming a shared vision of Elmbridge in 2036

A shared vision is an essential part of the Local Plan and it needs to be unique, aspirational but realistic. We need your help to create the Vision that will guide our Local Plan. Developing a vision involves looking ahead to what the borough will be like in 15 years' time.

Informed by your responses to previous consultations, the technical work, other Elmbridge strategies and the Elmbridge SWOT analysis we have identified the following ambitions that could form part of our vision.

What should we be aiming for?

        By 2036, we want Elmbridge to be ........

  • a fairer place where there are quality homes for all and there is housing choice
  • an environmentally sustainable borough where growth and new development has not been at the expense of the environment and resources
  • resilient to climate change and where air quality improvements have been made to the benefit of residents, visitors and the borough
  • an attractive place where new development is well designed, interesting and helps to make my area distinctive
  • where the necessary infrastructure was delivered at the right time to support good growth
  • where our historic and cultural assets are valued and enhanced
  • a place with vibrant communities where my family and I have a sense of belonging
  • a place where my business is able to prosper and grow without leaving the borough
  • where there are strong, locally distinctive centres where I want to visit and spend my leisure time
  • where I feel safe to walk and cycle around the borough so I'm not as reliant on my car


Do you agree with these ambitions? Is there anything else our vision should be aiming for?

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