Representations document with questionnaire


The council, no doubt like you, places great importance on the special character and amenities of the borough, as well as wanting to support access to housing, jobs and services, all set within safe communities and attractive environments. This was evident in many of the comments received by the council through the Regulation 18 consultations.

Since then, we have reviewed those comments – and I thank people for taking the time and trouble to contribute – and we have undertaken further studies and other work in response to them, which has resulted in many refinements.

The council is committed to enabling Elmbridge to thrive – to have more affordable housing, more local jobs and better infrastructure to support the economy and community life, and to ensure that we play our part in tackling and responding positively to climate change. We also want to do this in a way that respects the natural and historic environments.

Climate change and sustainability is important to the council and to our residents. Climate change and good design principles outlined in the Draft Local Plan will help us live more sustainably through improved walking and cycling infrastructure, increased numbers of electric vehicle chargers and improved air quality. The Plan offers Elmbridge the opportunity to embrace sustainable living more than ever.

It also brings that sustainability to our high streets, acknowledging that our high streets are evolving beyond places to shop. To thrive, they will need to offer retail, entertainment and socialising experiences. More than ever our high streets will provide that community buzz, that sense of togetherness and socialisation that makes Elmbridge a place people want to live, work and visit.

The draft Plan not only supports a development future for the borough free from green belt release, but it also sets out a vision for a connected Elmbridge; one where we become a hub for an agile workforce, offering flexible workspace, fast connections, accessible transport options and welcoming hospitality.

Preparing a new Local Plan to meet these ambitions for the future of our borough has been challenging. I recognise that not all the outcomes will please everyone, but the council feels that it has got the overall balance right – to ensure the right sort of development in the right places, and with the infrastructure required to support it.

This is not the final decision though. You now have a further opportunity to contribute to the plan-making process. Full details of how and when to do this are set out on the council’s website at: They will also be advertised through the press and social media.

Thank you for your interest in the Local Plan and the future development of Elmbridge

Councillor Karen Randolph, Portfolio Holder for Planning

Details of the Regulation 19 Representation

This Regulation 19 representation period is the next step in the plan making process. The purpose of the Regulation 19 stage is to provide an opportunity for representations to be made on the draft the local plan before it is examined by a planning inspector. In accordance with the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004 (PCPA), the planning inspector will consider all duly made representations on the plan that are made within the representation period.

A full questions and answers on the Regulation 19 representation is available on our website.

We have had numerous consultations through the last six years, asking about specific sites, specific development, green belt use etc, Regulation 19 is different:

  • This is the last stage of public engagement before submitting the Draft Plan to the Planning Inspectorate for examination.
  • This is a representation period on the finalised proposed Local Plan policies; earlier consultations sought views on different options and issues which had to be considered before the council finalised this draft Local Plan.
  • All responses will be sent to the Planning Inspectorate
  • Only representations on the soundness and legal compliance of the Plan can be made and it must be targeted to a specific policy or paragraph in the Draft Plan.

Under each section of the following Plan you will see a set of questions. These questions are based on the soundness and legal compliance of the Plan and include comments fields as well as the opportunity to add/upload any suggested modifications.

Following this consultation any submitted representations will be collated and sent with the Proposed Submission Borough Local Plan and supporting evidence to the Planning Inspectorate for independent examination. Respondents will not receive individual responses from the Council.

It is intended to submit the Plan to the Inspectorate in Autumn 2022.