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Introduced by the Localism Act in 2011, neighbourhood planning is the government's initiative of empowering local communities to help make and take forward planning proposals at a local level. The idea being that local people will drive, and then help to shape, how their local communities grow and develop over the coming years.

Communities can prepare neighbourhood development plans to influence the future of their areas. These let people set out their vision for their local area and general planning policies to guide development in their neighbourhood. Once adopted, a neighbourhood plan forms part of the development plan and sits alongside the Council's Local Plan allowing officers to use this when considering applications in the neighbourhood area.

The community group that creates the neighbourhood development plan is called a neighbourhood forum and the area that they plan for is known as the neighbourhood area. In accordance with the Neighbourhood Planning Regulations 2012, community groups intending to take up neighbourhood planning will first need to apply to the Council for neighbourhood area and forum designation. These need to be agreed with the local authority.

Burwood Park Neighbourhood Area and Forum

On 29 February 2016 Elmbridge Borough Council received an application to designate a neighbourhood area and forum for the Burwood Park Private Estate. All consultation documents including the application, map and submitted written constitution are available to view below.

In accordance with the Neighbourhood Planning Regulations 2012, the Council invited comments on the proposed neighbourhood area and forum applications for Burwood Park.

The Consultation Statement presents the findings of the consultation.

The Council's Cabinet  considered whether to formally designate the Burwood Park Neighbourhood Area and the Burwood Park Forum. Read the Cabinet report and appendices for more information. The decision to designate both the Neighbourhood Area and Forum was agreed at Full Council on the 20 July 2016 and the process of preparing the plan will officially start..

Designation Statement

Written Constitution

No other organisation or body can be designated to prepare a Plan for any part of the area until the designation has expired (5 years from the date of designation) or the designation has been withdrawn.

Further Information

For further information about the Burwood Park neighbourhood Area and Forum please contact:

Nick Kirk - nkirk123@yahoo.co.uk 

For further information about the application process please contact the Planning Policy Team.

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