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Birds Hill Oxshott Estate Co.… Brooklands provides one of the few large scale employment sites within the Borough. Whilst the existing Greenbelt land provides a green lung within the employment area if the area is to expand to provide future employment growth it would have to be within this space. The development of a SPD guiding development should be produced to set design standards and ensure a sustainable and environmentally friendly form of development. The Rolls Royce
Motor Car Factory at Goodwood in West Sussex designed by Nicholas Grimshaw which blends into the surrounding countryside on the edge of the South Downs National Park is an example of the standard of design that should be sought, and illustrates that large scale manufacturing plants need not be ugly.

The exceptional circumstance is that without such expansion the borough is unable to continue to provide the large scale employment space that it needs, and that is needed to support London and the wider South East region.
21 Mar 2017 11:06
Birds Hill Oxshott Estate Co.… Yes 21 Mar 2017 11:06
Deleted User At the outset, the Council should be aware that Next have a long-term requirement for a site to locate a new combined home and fashion store of about 5,500 to 6,000 sqm gross in the Brooklands area. As explained in the section on retail (see below) the characteristics of this type of store mean that the only area in the Borough that it can be accommodated is in or around the Brooklands area. Next have yet to agree on the site, but one of the main planning constraints in the area is the Green Belt. The Council recognise the potential for employment uses to provide an exceptional circumstance in paragraph 4.32 of the Strategic Options Consultation on the Elmbridge Local Plan (December 2016). The construction of a Next store would fit within this category of employment uses and a store of this nature would typically generate at least 150 jobs within the store itself, together with the additional economic benefits through
the construction of the store and supply chain benefits. There are also economic benefits through the provision of business rates payments. Therefore, the economic advantages from Next investing in a new store would be an important exceptional circumstance to consider when addressing Green Belt release. In addition to the economic benefits, an exceptional circumstance would also be the
ability for the Council to meet its substantial retail needs that exist. As explained below, the current approach to meeting needs will not discharge its requirement under paragraph 23 of the NPPF to meet its needs in full. Should the Green Belt need to be amended to allow the Council to meet its retail needs, this would be a further
exceptional circumstance to consider. Turning to the Green Belt, there are clear exceptional circumstances to trigger the review of the Green Belt boundary at Brooklands, primarily in respect of the economic benefit that can arise from further development in the Brooklands area, and the requirement to meet retail needs in full enable the Council to comply with the requirements of the NPPF. However, there are further exceptional circumstances surrounding the future function of the Brooklands Community Park, which may require some funding through development in order to improve the facilities and long term role as a community use in the Borough. As we have explained above, there are compelling exceptional circumstances to trigger the amendment of the Green Belt boundary at Brooklands and we would suggest that the Council consider removing the entirety of Parcel 25 from the Green Belt. There are
other policies in the Plan that would ensure that the area is protected from inappropriate development. But maintaining the Green Belt as defined prevents Elmbridge from fulfilling its economic function and allowing the various elements of Brooklands to integrate and develop as a distinct part of the Borough.
21 Mar 2017 10:53
Deleted User Yes 21 Mar 2017 10:53
Carter Jonas on behalf of BGL… Don't Know 21 Mar 2017 10:25
Deleted User Mixed residential and retail would be appropriate, the area can sustain affordable house prices too
More business infrastructure in this area too
21 Mar 2017 08:48
Deleted User Yes 21 Mar 2017 08:48
Deleted User Don't Know 21 Mar 2017 08:34
Simon Heptonstall Opportunity to improve infrastructure coupled with appropriate concentration of employment allowing other brownfield sites to provide residential use. 20 Mar 2017 16:00
Simon Heptonstall Yes 20 Mar 2017 16:00
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