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CALA Homes (Hannah Turley) Paragraph 2.21 of the consultation document sets out that much of the land in Elmbridge has been developed within the urban areas and thus it is considered that there is only the potential for 3,700 new homes to come forward within the urban area by 2035. This figure extends to including sites with unimplemented planning permission, opportunity sites and windfalls sites. Of particular interest to our Client is the inclusion of sites within unimplemented planning permissions given outline planning permission was secured at Imber Court, Trading Estate, Orchard Lane on 16th December 2015 under reference 2015/3400 for ‘ the development of up to 95 residential units including 38 affordable units following demolition of existing industrial buildings (16,618 sqm).
As such, the principle of residential development on site has been firmly established and is within a sustainable location and is surrounded by residential development. However, it is consider that given there is a considerable housing need within the Borough, EBC need to optimise development opportunities on
sites within the urban areas - such as Imber Court - where higher density development can be achieved and additional housing capacity can be secured. This is most relevant to sites where there are unimplemented planning permissions where sites have the potential to deliver a higher capacity of housing development than currently consented through the outline permission. Given, as the consultation document identifies, that Elmbridge Borough delivers ‘a high quality environment and good rail and road links to the capital’, there will be continued pressure and demand for a range of housing to meet the needs of smaller to larger households. As such, the opportunity for sites within urban areas where a higher density could deliver a greater mix of housing should be explored. In many instances, such as Imber Court, such an approach would not compromise the ability for the site to deliver a sustainable form of development but would rather assist in the delivery of more housing in urban areas a more diverse of housing mix than currently secured in the most sustainable locations. In this instance, our Client considers that the site could comfortably deliver a high quality development of up to 120 dwellings (25 additional units above the extant outline planning permission) which would both provide a more efficient use of land, deliver a broader mix of units with additional provision of smaller units, and would not undermine the prevailing character of Imber Riverside.
21 Mar 2017 10:51
Carter Jonas on behalf of BGL… It is possible that the site could be developed at a density higher than 40 dwellings per hectare,
however this will have to be subject to further testing, in particular around a character and
landscape assessment, and also transport.
21 Mar 2017 10:25
Carter Jonas on behalf of BGL… Yes 21 Mar 2017 10:25
Deleted User Parcel 14 (Knowle Hill Park and next to Blundel Lane, Stoke d’Abernon):
• With regard to Parcel 14 – the semi-rural nature, the topography of the land and the existing housing in the surrounding area
• Economics of building social/affordable housing in an area that is one of the most expensive in Elmbridge is unrealistic
• Infrastructure totally insufficient
• Moving from the current 8 hpd to the proposed 40 or 60 is quite totally out of keeping with the current environment
Parcel 20 (next to Portsmouth Road, Cobham):
• Infrastructure totally insufficient
• Will adversely affect air quality in a heavily polluted area
21 Mar 2017 10:16
Deleted User No 21 Mar 2017 10:16
Deleted User Parcel 20, the infrastructure is insufficient, the area is already congested and will further get polluted
Parcel 14, the semi-rural nature, typography, currently that area has 8 dwellings per hectare, which is totally unacceptable.
Is this not why Elmbridge is voted the best borough to live in?
21 Mar 2017 08:48
Deleted User No 21 Mar 2017 08:48
Deleted User Parcel 14 - insufficient infrastructure. Semi rural nature of site.
Parcel 20 - insufficient infrastructure.
21 Mar 2017 08:34
Deleted User No 21 Mar 2017 08:34
Simon Heptonstall These are not within a town centre or at train stations so fall outwith the proposal in the immediately preceding question. As part of a mixed profile, some higher density may be appropriate within a wider development. 20 Mar 2017 16:00
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