Thank you for submitting comments in response to the Strategic Options Consultation.

We received a large number of comments, around 50,000 from 3,760 respondents. All comments have been read and registered. The key issues raised have been reported to our Councillors and a Summary of Consultation Responses document summarising these in detail has been published.

Individual comments received to the Consultation have also been published.

You can view Individual Responses to each Question, a Summary of Questionnaire Results and a List of Respondents by clicking View the responses

*Please note that these are the views of the community and other stakeholders and not the views of the Council. In accordance with the Council's Statement of Community Involvement those comments considered to be offensive or prejudiced have not been published. In addition, any addresses and personal information provided has been redacted.

What was the consultation about?

This consultation was intended to seek the views of the community and other stakeholders on the Strategic Options for meeting development needs as part of the preparation of a new Local Plan to replace the Core Strategy. In particular, it set out the Council’s preferred option for a new spatial strategy. Other social, economic and environmental planning topics were also presented for comment.

The consultation took place from Friday 16 December 2016 to Friday 24 February 2017

Please have a look at the consultation documents section (scroll down) to read the Strategic Options consultation document, frequently asked questions sheets and other supporting documentation. You can also browse the evidence base documents that have been produced to inform the consultation.

What happens next?

As set out above, the key issues raised in the consultation responses have been summarised and reported to our Councillors.

Unfortunately, we have been unable to provide the Council’s response to the issues raised and we have had to delay the next consultation stage which was planned for the Summer 2017. This is due to a number of policy changes announced by Government in its Housing White Paper which was published during the Strategic Options Consultation. These proposed changes could impact on the direction of the new Local Plan. We therefore have to await the outcome of the Government's changes before moving forward.

In light of the above, at a Cabinet Meeting on 5 July 2017, a Local Plan Position Statement was agreed for publication. This Statement summarises the key issues that emerged from the Local Plan Strategic Options Consultation and explains the current national planning policy context that has led to delays in progressing the new Local Plan.

Since then, the Government has published a further consultation on a new methodology regarding assessing housing need in England. This has now closed.

Please see the Council's response to the consultation. Please also see the accompanying glossary which explains some of the technical terms and acronyms featured in the response.

The Surrey Leaders Group have also responded to the consultation.

Please continue to check this page for updates.


This consultation has now closed.


  • Opened
    16 Dec 2016 at 09:00
  • Closed
    24 Feb 2017 at 16:00

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