6 Further information and advice

6.1 Independent advice on planning is available from Planning Aid England, operated by the Royal Town Planning Institute. This service provides free, independent and professional planning advice to communities and individuals who cannot afford to pay professional fees.

6.2 Planning Aid England can assist people with their own planning applications and can help them to comment on planning applications and planning policy consultation documents.

6.3 More information can be found at www.planningaid.rtpi.org.uk or alternatively, they can be contacted by phone on 0330 123 9244 or by e-mail on advice@planningaid.rtpi.org.uk

Planning Portal

6.4 The Planning Portal offers guidance on the planning system. More information can be found at www.planningportal.co.uk

Neighbourhood Planning

6.5 Advice on Neighbourhood Planning and the process of preparing a Neighbourhood Development Plan is available from Locality, which is a national membership network for community organisations where you can obtain specialist advice and support.

6.6 More information can be found at www.locality.org.uk/projects/building-community/