1 Introduction


1.1 Why get involved in planning decisions?

1.1.1 Planning affects us all. The homes we live in, the places we work, the open spaces where we relax and the roads we travel on are all a result of planning decisions.

1.1.2 The way that Elmbridge Borough develops in the future will be affected by planning, and it is important that local people and organisations are able to put across their views by participating in planning decisions.

1.1.3 This Statement of Community Involvement (SCI) sets out how Planning Services will involve people in planning decisions. It provides brief guidance to explain how the planning system works and advises on how you can participate in planning decisions, and what you can expect if you choose to get involved.

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1.2 How does the planning system work?

1.2.1 There are two key parts to the local planning system - Planning Policy and Development Management.

  1. Planning Policy is concerned with producing the local planning documents and policies that are used to guide development in the Borough of Elmbridge. These documents must conform to relevant Government guidance, and there are specific regulatory procedures which must be followed during their preparation.
  2. Development Management is responsible for processing and determining planning applications, along with other applications including works to trees, advertisements and listed buildings. The team also provides pre-application planning advice. The Planning Compliance team investigates and takes appropriate action in respect of breaches of planning control.

1.2.2 It is important to note the role of Surrey County Council (SCC) in the planning process. Surrey County Council is responsible for preparing minerals and waste Local Plans. The County Council also processes and determines planning applications for minerals and waste development and for the County Council's own development such as such as schools and libraries.

1.2.3 Elmbridge Borough Council (EBC) is the Local Planning Authority (LPA) for all other types of development. EBC will also consult with SCC on specific planning applications relating to highways, flooding and archaeology.