A New Local Plan: The Options Consultation


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Gaye Glover I have found much of the consultation difficult to understand without use of good internet help and some of the questions are rather ambiguous. I do have an I-pad but am not experienced in using it for this type of thing. (am 82 years) so this is why it is on this form and not on line. 01 Oct 2019 17:26
Richard Oliver There are many transient residents who only live in the area because it gives them a good quality of life outside their work and is good for their families. We should not dilute this. 01 Oct 2019 17:05
Veronica Rose It seems that the number of houses deemed necessary is randomly selected without thought as to the infrastructure. Cobham already suffers severe traffic congestion and the healthcare and schools could not cope with an increase in numbers. 01 Oct 2019 16:53
Cobham Conservation and Herita… Option 4 is the best option for Cobham to ensure this community continues to thrive for future generations, if you are to save our Green Belt & embrace Climate Change. 01 Oct 2019 16:51
Edna Tipping Elderly people not able to respond in the same cases having no online access. Unclear definition of affordable homes. There is a need for realistically priced housing. 01 Oct 2019 16:47
Tereen Oliver Green outside space as we have is integral to our area and what families enjoy and flourish in. It is essential to maintain the nature of the area and not to destroy it. 01 Oct 2019 16:46
Paul Walker I understand the need affordable, smaller homes in our area but Cobham seems to be taking the brunt and is already clogged up in traffic everyday. Spread development more evenly across the borough particularly in areas in less traffic. 01 Oct 2019 16:38
Ian Thomas This needs more thoughtfrom 'Outside the box' eg. why more houses; because more people? reason for more people? Q.E.D. 01 Oct 2019 16:36
Margaret Brine By concentrating online response many residents are unable to respond. 01 Oct 2019 16:24
Piers Elliot I do not recall any contact from EBC about the Local Plan. I do recall receiving none concerning the five options. All the information on the ops I have received from local organisations. As an exercise in consultation it is a failure, resembling an exercise in council secrecy. Hard copy works: keep us informed with flyers and newsletter: public sector websites always hide what you are looking for. We don't all exist only online. 01 Oct 2019 16:16
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