A New Local Plan: The Options Consultation


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Nigel Robinson Walking distance to all the facilities I use regularly. near to open country. Friendly town where I know many people. Low crime rate. Safe 02 Oct 2019 09:42
Maureen Webb -Reach of two stations
-easy access to surrounding areas, although traffic congestion at certain times of day, when easier to stay at home.
-lovely countryside/ Green Belt
01 Oct 2019 17:43
Andrea Walker That precious juxtaposition of town centre of amenities together with surrounding green spaces. Conservation areas and heritage listings to protect the area for years and years to come. 01 Oct 2019 17:39
Geoffrey Mallett A quiet, semi-rural character with public facilities eg library, doctor's surgery, small row of shops. 01 Oct 2019 17:38
Charlotte Graham -A pleasant leafy environment with plenty of nearby open spaces for walking.
-A good range of shops
-A strong sense of community
-Good communications with the rest of the country from M25 and train station
01 Oct 2019 17:32
Margaret Mooney Rural area, easy access to green spaces. Village community and events 01 Oct 2019 17:29
Birte Trautemann Cobham has always been a very 'Local' village, more of a town now - and on any given day its obvious that the capacity to absorb people and cars have been exhausted, the high street is often a very busy thoroughfare - taking in traffic from both M25 and A3 when those get problems. 01 Oct 2019 17:29
Gaye Glover Fairly low crime rate. Cobham has been a great place to live for the past 52 years. Many changes have taken place as needs must, but not always for the best in recent years. Good public footpaths, sports fields, allotments, schools, diverse high street in spite of recent closures, River Mole for wildlife, quite good road and rail links, lovely walks over fields, no high rise buildings, friendly active churches, organisations and people. Sadly health services deteriorated over past 10 yrs 01 Oct 2019 17:26
Thomas Trautmann Cobham being a unique town/village. It simply cannot expand further without losing everything that makes it what it is. 01 Oct 2019 17:15
Richard Oliver I have lived in the Oxshott/Cobham area since 1966 and the reason for not leaving is that it gives access to London. Plenty of wooded countryside and good standard of living. 01 Oct 2019 17:05
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