Thank you for submitting comments for the Options Consultation.

You can view Individual Responses to each Question, a Summary of Questionnaire Results and a List of Respondents by clicking view the responses. You can also view below (at the bottom of this page) the Options Consultation Statement.

What was the consultation about?

This consultation presented 5 options for meeting the borough’s housing need as part of the preparation of a new Local Plan to replace the Core Strategy and Development Management Plan.

Where could the information be found?

The consultation document and all the supporting documents are available in the consultation library below.

An Interactive Map to view the 5 Optionswas available throughout the consultation.

A hard copy version of the consultation document was available to view at the Civic Centre and the borough's local libraries.

Understanding the evidence

We have produced a useful summary paper to help assist with understanding how the technical documents have informed the options. Please see the evidence base to inform the Local Plan webpage which includes all the technical documents.

What happens next?

The next Local Plan consultation is expected early 2020. At this time, we will be undergoing another 6-week consultation on our vision, objectives and direction of development management policies.



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