Consultation on local 2016 Community Infrastructure Levy funding applications Walton on Thames

For the settlement of Walton on Thames  £90,000 is available to allocate towards local infrastructure projects.  Legislation states that these funds must be spent on projects that meet the following criteria:
  • The provision, improvement, replacement, operation or maintenance of infrastructure; or
  • Anything else that is concerned with addressing the demands that development places on an area. 

 The definition of infrastructure is broad and includes roads and other transport infrastructure, flood defences, schools and other educational facilities, medical facilities, sporting and recreation facilities, open spaces.

There are 2 applications for CIL funds, totalling £23,000: 

  1. The upgrading of footpaths in Elm Grove Recreation Ground, Walton on Thames.  CIL funding of £ 8,000 has been requested to create a permanent hardstanding footpath to the play area which will be suitable for year round use. The project responds to specific requests from users for a safer more accessible footpath.  
  2. Toilet refurbishments at St Mary's Church Hall, Church Street, Walton-on-Thames. The hall has significant community use and houses a regular nursery on week days. Walton on Thames is likely to have insufficient nursery provision to meet future demand and the continued availability of such premises will be important to meet future need. Current facilities were installed in the 1960s and refurbishment is required to enable continued wider community use and to help make the premises suitable for use by young children.  CIL funding of £15,000 has been requested as due to other financing priorities, work to the hall has been limited to essential items of expenditure in recent times.


Please let us know your views on these projects below. Please provide an answer to all questions. To submit a response, please click on save these answers. Any money that is not allocated will be available for future years.