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The Regulation 19 representations stage has now closed.  

Thank you for submitting your representation. These are now being reviewed.

Representations and the statement of consultation will be available to view here in due course.

What was the representation stage about?

The representations stage presented what the council considers to be the final version of the Elmbridge Local Plan. The public engagement at this stage allowed interested parties to comment on the draft Plan and supporting information before it is submitted to the Inspector for examination. The council asked for representations on legal compliance (including duty to cooperate), and the four tests of soundness - namely whether the Plan is positively prepared, justified, effective and consistent with national policy.  Please see the guidance document which explains this further.

Where can I find more information?

This webpage includes the draft Local Plan and all the supporting documents in the consultation library below. The evidence documents are available to view on the Local Plan supporting evidence page.

The draft Policies Map is available to view and can be accessed using public computers at the Civic Centre and the borough libraries.

A hard copy version of the consultation document is available to view at the Civic Centre and the borough's local libraries.

A hard copy can also be purchased online using our print request form.

Your personal details

It is important that the Planning Inspector and all participants in the examination process are able to know who has given feedback on the plan. Therefore, all representations received, including contact details, will be passed onto the Inspector. In addition, all representations will be made public on our website including the names of those who submitted them. All other personal information will remain confidential. For more information on how your data will be processed please see the privacy notice. You will be added to our database online and may be contacted at future stages of the local plan process. If you do not wish to be contacted further please advise us.

If you have a disability, health condition or specific learning difficulty requiring adjustments to our processes please let us know.

What happens after the Regulation 19 stage?

All representations received will be sent to an independent Planning Inspector to examine alongside the submission version of the plan. 


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    17 Jun 2022 at 09:00
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    29 Jul 2022 at 16:00

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