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What is the draft Local Heritage asset List (Local List)?

A Local List comprises a list of buildings structures or features which are recognised for their contribution to the local character, identity and distinctiveness of the borough.

Its purpose is to highlight the many buildings and features within the historic environment which, although do not meet national criteria for being “listed buildings”, do make a significant contribution to the historic, architectural and social character of the borough. Buildings that are on the Local List are considered as ‘Locally listed’ and in policy terms as ‘non-designated heritage assets’.

The List also provides clarity on the nature and extent of their significance so that this can be considered when assessing the impact of development proposals on the historic environment generally and on these assets specifically. 

A new draft List that has been produced in partnership with Surrey County Council’s Historic Environment Planning Team, as part of a government-funded project. Further information on the project is available on Surrey County Council’s website.

For reference, please see the current Local List, published in 2000 and updated in 2016.

What does it mean if a building is on the list?

As a non-statutory planning tool, the Local List does not afford any legal protection against demolition or alteration unlike buildings and sites that are Statutorily Listed. However the fact that a building or feature is on a Local List means that its conservation as a heritage asset is a material consideration when determining planning applications.  The decision maker must adopt “a balanced judgement having regard to the scale of any harm or loss and the significance of the heritage asset”.

What happens next?

All comments received will be taken into consideration and a final revised Local List will be reported for approval.

A review of the Local List will be carried out every 5 years from the date of adoption and will allow new nominations to be made.


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    5 Dec 2022 at 10:00
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    13 Jan 2023 at 16:00

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