Draft Flood Risk Supplementary Planning Document

2.2 Parts 1 & 2 of FRA: Site information and proposed development

2.2.1 This Section will help applicants to complete Parts 1 and 2 of the FRA Proforma. Much of this information will have been gathered through completing Section 2.1. Further detail on each element of the Proforma is given below alongside the relevant sources of information.

Site information

2.2.2 It is important at this stage to ensure that sufficient plans are provided showing the site boundary, features, watercourses and other bodies of water as well as any structures which may influence the flow of flood water. A site survey may be necessary to ensure all such structures are identified. 

Sources of information: SFRA Appendix B & E, Ordnance Survey mapping, Site Survey

Proposed development

2.2.3 When considering the location of development it is necessary to take account of the vulnerability of its users. To enable this, the Government has set out a list of vulnerability classifications (Appendix 1). The vulnerability classification of a development influences how risk is dealt with, if an FRA is required and what types of development are appropriate or not in different Flood Zones. Applicants need to determine the current and proposed use of the development and their respective vulnerability classifications. 

Sources of information: SPD Section 2.1, SPD Appendix 1