Draft Settlement Investment and Development (ID) Plans-Esher

Ditton Lea, Portsmouth Road

Site Ref
DEV/ESH6 Ditton Lea, Portsmouth Road
Settlement area
Existing use
Site area (ha)
Esher Residential
Planning constraints
Small portion to the rear of the site is in Flood Zone 2;
Adjacent to Green Belt and Grade II listed cottages
 1 to 5 years
A two-storey Georgian style house on the northern side of Portsmouth Road, a classified A road. The character of the surrounding area is mainly residential with some neighbouring cottages with Grade II listed building status. Sandown Park racecourse is to the rear of the site and Littleworth Common on the opposite side of Portsmouth Road.
Ditton LeaA pre application enquiry was submitted in 2008 regarding possible redevelopment of the site. Proposals for 14 houses (2011/0843), and 13 houses and 1 flat (2011/6282) were refused and dismissed at appeal on design and layout grounds, and the need to make infrastructure and service contributions to meet needs generated by the development. An application for 13 houses (2011/6426) was also considered and refused by officers, prior to receipt of the above appeal decisions. The site is included within the Strategic Housing and Employment Land Availability Assessment.
Option A – Allocate for development with the potential to deliver up to 10 dwellings
Option B – Do not allocate (as existing)
Preferred option
Allocate for development with the potential to deliver up to 10 dwellings
The site is in an existing residential area and being close to both the town centre and station makes it a sustainable location for housing. Whilst an application for 14 houses was refused, this was due to the design and layout and not the principle of residential development. In addition the impact of any proposed development on the neighbouring Grade II listed cottages would need to be taken into account.
Development consideration
  • Address reasons for refusal and dismissal at appeal on design and layout grounds
  • Take account of the potential areas of flood risk on the fringes of the site and adjacent Green Belt
  • Consideration to be given to potential impact on neighbouring Grade II listed cottages
  • Suitable access and parking
  • Potential to deliver up to 3 affordable units, in accordance with policy CS21 in the Core Strategy
What you have told us so far
The site was not mentioned at the community workshop.