Draft Settlement Investment and Development (ID) Plans-Esher

Esher Police Station

Site Ref
DEV/ESH5 113 High Street
Settlement area
Existing use
Site area (ha)
Police Station
Planning constraints
District Centre; Opposite Conservation Area and adjacent to Locally Listed Building
Public – Surrey Police
 1 to 5 years
The site includes the two/three storey police station building and hardstanding for car parking. It is located within the Esher Town Centre boundary and opposite the Esher Conservation Area boundary. The existing access is onto High Street/Portsmouth Road (A307). The site slopes down towards the road, hence the existing building occupies a relatively elevated position.
Police StationThere is no relevant planning history relating to the development of this site. After reviewing the need for police stations across Elmbridge, Surrey Police indicated that Esher Police Station is surplus to requirements and is available for redevelopment. The Police have vacated the station and moved to the Civic Centre. The site is included within the Strategic Housing and Employment Land Availability Assessment
Option A – Allocate for development with the potential to deliver up to 21 dwellings
Option B – Allocate for mixed use development with the potential to deliver up to 15 dwellings with an appropriate town centre use on the ground floor
Option C – Allocate for a mixed use development with the potential to deliver up to 15 dwellings with a community use on the ground floor
Option D – Do not allocate (as existing)
Preferred option
Allocate for a mixed use development with the potential to deliver up to 15 dwellings with an appropriate town centre or community use on the ground floor, depending on whether any other public service provider comes forward with an interest in occupying the development.
The site is in a sustainable town centre location and offers the potential for a relatively high density development.  There is clearly potential to provide a mix of uses (including sheltered accommodation for older people) and community or town centre uses on this site. It has been made clear that the property is surplus to the requirements of Surrey Police however any redevelopment to any alternative use would need to ensure there is no alternative social or community use required for the area that could be delivered on this site. The Police have already undertaken some marketing of this site for community uses.
Development considerations
  • Design and layout to respect the adjoining Conservation Area and listed building
  • Opportunity to site a new building further forward to align with neighbouring buildings
  • Take account of the site levels in the design, including potential for undercroft/basement parking
  • Provision of suitable separation distances to residential properties beyond the rear and side boundaries
  • Consideration of policies and guidance on mixed use development to ensure uses are compatible
  • Potential for up to 6 affordable units, in accordance with policy CS21 in the Core Strategy.
  • Suitable access and level of parking provision
What you have told us so far
Considered at workshop to have potential for residential development, in particular for either affordable housing or sheltered accommodation