Draft Settlement Investment and Development (ID) Plans-Esher

Unit A and B Sandown Industrial Park

Site Ref
DEV/ESH11 Unit A and B Sandown Industrial Park
Settlement area
Existing use
Site area (ha)
Light industrial and warehousing
Planning constraints
Flood Zone 2 and 3b on parts of site Private
 1 to 5 years
This site is located at the end of Mill Road on the most western side of Sandown Industrial Park. It is bounded by the River Mole to the west, industrial buildings to the east and residential development further beyond that. The site currently contains a long rectangular shaped industrial building, which is subdivided into two units. A very small part on the fringes of the site falls within Flood Zone 2 and Zone 3B (Functional Floodplain).
Sandown Industrial ParkA pre-application enquiry was submitted in February 2012 exploring the possibility of developing the land for alternative uses, including housing. The site is included within the Strategic Housing and Employment Land Availability Assessment.
Option A – Allocate for development with the potential to deliver up to 70 dwellings
Option B – Allocate for a mixed use development of small commercial units suitable for business start-ups and live-work units
Option C – Do not allocate (as existing)
Preferred option
At this stage we have not identified a Preferred Option and would like your views on the most appropriate way to develop this site
Whilst the site is currently in employment use the potential to expand and improve the site is limited by the site layout and the access restrictions to this area. However, any allocation for a residential development will need to address the potential flooding issues present on the site as well as ensuring there is no environmental impact on the adjacent Green Belt. There is potential to create a more comprehensive development with site DEV/ESH10.  Should the sites be delivered separately consideration should be given to ensuring adequate access is in place.
What you have told us so far
The site was discussed at the community workshop as having potential for residential redevelopment. The need for smaller units and business start ups was also suggested.