Draft Settlement Investment and Development (ID) Plans-Esher

Opportunity sites

Car park to rear of 34 to 40 High Street

Site Ref
DEV/ESH3 Car Park to the rear of 34 to 40 High Street
Settlement area
Existing use
Site area (ha)
Service yard and car park at the rear.
Planning constraints
District Centre; Adjacent to Conservation Area and Locally Listed Building; Area of High Archaeological Potential; Secondary/Primary Frontage; Tree Preservation Order Private
 1-5 years
A site located on the south side of Esher Green (A244), between 34 High Street and No. 15 Esher Green. At present it is a car park with 30 parking spaces, which are all leased to local businesses. The adjacent 15 Esher Green and the attached Adult Education Centre (old school) are locally listed buildings.
Copy of Land to the rear of 34 High Street
A planning application in 2008 (2008/1938) was submitted for a mixed use scheme including 8 flats. This was refused and the subsequent appeal dismissed due to the design, scale and siting of the side elevation and its impact on the neighbouring residential property.
Option A – Allocate for development with the potential to deliver up to 8 dwellings
Option B – Do not allocate (as existing)
Preferred option
Allocate for development with the potential to deliver up to 8 dwellings
A density of 114 dph was considered appropriate given the flatted nature of the scheme and the town centre location. The principle of a mixed use building comprising a commercial unit on the ground floor and residential above is deemed appropriate in this town centre location and was accepted by the Inspector at appeal. This location makes it a highly sustainable site with access to amenities, employment, retail and transport links. The site is adjacent to the Esher Conservation Area as well as being within an Area of High Archaeological Potential, both of which will need to be considered in any future redevelopment. There is also potential for a more comprehensive development with the retail/ office unit to the front of the site (see DEV/ESH14)
Development considerations
  • Explore potential for comprehensive development alongside DEV/ESH14
  • Ensure the design addresses the impact upon the neighbouring locally listed building
  • An appropriate scale, bulk and mass to enhance the character of the adjoining Conservation Area and listed buildings
  • Ensure the protection of the Tree Preservation Order to the rear of the site
  • Creation of a suitable frontage to fill the existing gap in the street scene
  • Take account of mixed use policy and guidance to provide a building that is suitable for commercial and residential use
  • Consideration of access, parking and servicing arrangements
  • Potential to deliver up to 2 affordable units, in accordance with policy CS21 and associated financial contribution
 What you have told us so far
The site was considered at the community workshop as having potential to accommodate a residential development. There was also some discussion about extending the site to include the shops along the front of Esher High Street but no interest has been expressed by the owners and has therefore been identified as an other possible site ref: DEV/ESH14.