Draft Settlement Investment and Development (ID) Plans-Esher

What you have told us so far

2.12 In August 2012 we held a ‘Managing Development’ workshop at King George’s Hall in Esher.  This was a key part of our early engagement to inform the preparation of the ID Plan for Esher.  The workshop was attended by a small range of organisations and individuals. This provided a forum for discussion and debate and highlighted areas of both agreement and disagreement between those attending.

2.13 This was the first stage of engagement in the preparation of the ID Plan and provides a snapshot of views from those people who attended the workshop.  It does not represent views across the whole community but provides a starting point for the preparation of the Plan and future engagement.

2.14 The key issues discussed at this workshop included[1] :

Sites to be protected

  • Esher Common should continue to be protected from all forms of development.
  • Need to protect green corridors.
  • Consider giving Claremont Park and Clare Hill greater protection.
  • Maintain the rural feel of A244, concerns that widening could impact on its current character.

Potential development sites

  • Partial release of Esher Car Park.
  • Former police station suggested as sustainable location for sheltered housing or affordable housing.
  • Building containing Pizza Express on the High Street considered suitable for development (together with the car park to the rear), although any redevelopment would need to consider the sensitivities of the adjacent Conservation Area.
  • River Mole and Sandown Industrial Areas have the potential to be redeveloped for housing, though flooding and access issues would need to be addressed.
  • No suitable sites for Gypsy and Traveller pitches were identified.
  • Need to identify smaller units for business start-ups in the area.

Priorities for investment

  • Cycle lanes at Milbourne Lane and Lammas Lane.
  • Environmental improvements to the quality of the High Street.
  • Improvements to the local road network.
  • Increase residents only parking.
  • Promote more sustainable forms of travel.
  • King George’s Hall should be protected.

2.15 Further reference to issues raised at the workshop is made throughout the Plan.

1. A detailed summary of the workshops can be found at - www.elmbridge.gov.uk/planning/policy/mdw.htm [back]