Draft Settlement Investment and Development (ID) Plans-Esher

Local Plans for local communities

1.43 Investment and Development Plans have been produced for the 8 individual settlements identified within the Core Strategy. They all follow a standard format for initial consultation with local communities and others that have interests within the Borough.  They are based on information that the Council believes to be correct, but inevitably this will change as a consequence of consultation and, of course, the passage of time. If the information is wrong-please tell us! It is hoped that, through engaging local communities, each ID Plan will develop in a locally distinctive way that reflects the wishes of the community. As such, we encourage you to become involved in the development of these plans. 

These Settlement ID Plans are exactly what they say they are-
Initial drafts for public consultation.
It is for you to tell us your views so that we can shape them into the documents that you would choose in order to plan and manage development within your local area.
No decisions have been made at this stage. Consider the options. Are there any others?

1.44 In doing so, choices must be made within the wider context set out in this introduction. They must accord with national planning policy and help to deliver the overall strategy for the Borough set out in the Core Strategy. Meeting our housing objectives is key to the Council maintaining local control over decision making. As such, the anticipated level of new housing to be provided within each settlement area is reproduced for convenience below.

Settlement Anticipated housing distribution 
Walton   675-725
Weybridge  625-675
Hersham  350-400
East and West Molesey  475-525
Thames Ditton, Long Ditton, Hinchley Wood and Weston Green  375-425
Esher  250-300
Cobham, Oxshott, Stoke D'Abernon and Downside  575-625
Claygate  50-100

1.45 Whilst delivery may be higher in some areas and lower in others, overall delivery must at least meet the minimum overall housing target of 3,375 set out in the Core Strategy. Given the market attractiveness of the Borough, coupled with the Council’s commitment to retain local control and adopt a sensible approach to planning for sustainable growth, it is considered that this target will be achieved, and potentially exceeded, without resulting in unacceptable consequences on the local environment or the economic health of the Borough.

The following sections of this Settlement ID Plan sets out the initial draft plans for consultation for your local area.
We would like to hear your views.