Draft Settlement Investment and Development (ID) Plans-Esher

Investing in infrastructure

1.38 New development will inevitability put increasing pressure on existing infrastructure, so we have made sure that new development ‘pays its way’ through the Community Infrastructure Levy.

1.39 Investment in infrastructure will be dependent on;

  • Existing commitments by service providers (such as Surrey County Council, Network Rail etc),
  • The level of growth within an area and the consequent impact on infrastructure
  • Priorities identified by the local community.

1.40 The Council has recently appointed an Infrastructure Delivery Officer who will be responsible for ensuring the timely delivery of infrastructure and producing a transparent spending programme that prioritises the money that will be raised through the Community Infrastructure Levy.  A key objective of the post is to work closely with other delivery agencies, co-ordinating spend with other spending programmes, including existing funds already collected from developments, and other available finance such as the New Homes Bonus[1]

1.41 Where improvements can be identified, such as the potential expansion of a school, then these have been included for consultation. However, in many cases it will not be possible to identify the specific improvement in infrastructure. In these cases, the matter to be dealt with has been identified generically eg. Improvements to tackle congestion, improvements to open spaces etc. Schemes will then be drawn up as and when sufficient finances become available. Local people will be asked to assist in setting spending priorities.

1.42 This Settlement ID Plan sets out a range of potential improvements that could be made within the area. Many of the infrastructure needs for the Borough have already been identified in the Council’s Infrastructure Delivery Plan, prepared in support of the Core Strategy and subsequently updated for the preparation of the Community Infrastructure Levy. In addition suggestions put forward in the local workshops have also been included as appropriate.

1. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/new-homes-bonus-final-scheme-design--2 [back]