Draft Settlement Investment and Development (ID) Plans-Esher

What if you don't like the plan for your area?

1.15 Tell us. Nothing is set in stone but we do have to start somewhere, and if we don't ask we won't know. However, if you really want to take control and make the decisions yourself, you can. Local communities do have the option of preparing their own neighbourhood plans. These can set planning policies to determine decisions on planning applications, but they do need to be prepared in the overall context of the Core Strategy and the Government’s planning framework.

1.16 Importantly, neighbourhood plans cannot be used to restrict development. They can steer development and set out plans for more development than set out in the Core Strategy but not less.

1.17 Whilst there have been some expressions of interest by local community groups, no proposals for a neighbourhood plan have been progressed. This does remain an option should community groups decide they wish to prepare their own local neighbourhood plan for growth.

1.18 Another alternative is to sit back and wait for development to come, not knowing where, when or how much - a sure way to create uncertainty and ‘lag’ with regards to infrastructure provision.  It is an alternative that avoids making difficult decisions but fails to plan properly for the future of our local areas. As a responsible Council, we will make the difficult decisions and plan for the future.