Draft Settlement Investment and Development (ID) Plans-Esher

Why is it good to have a plan?

1.10 With or without a plan, development will happen anyway. Adopting a plan led approach allows the Council to take a strong leadership role that will steer development within the Borough, protecting valued open spaces, directing investment in improved infrastructure where it is needed most, and delivering development of a type and within locations that are considered to be most appropriate. Such an approach means that the Council has to make difficult decisions, but it allows us to manage and plan for development, taking account of the potential impact on local areas.

1.11 The Core Strategy commits to the delivery of approximately 3,375 new homes between 2011- 2026. This equates to 225 units each year. In the first 2 years, we anticipate that 550 units will have been completed , 100 above the requirement. Whilst this puts the Council in a strong position with regards to retaining decision making at a local level, this supply needs to continue, and in a manner that the Council chooses, rather than decisions being made by the Planning Inspectorate or the Secretary of State.

1.12 By taking a proactive approach the Council can plan ahead, ensuring that the right infrastructure comes forward at the right time. Only through the identification of where and how growth is likely to happen can effective infrastructure planning take place.

1.13 ID Plans, prepared for each of the 8 individual settlements within Elmbridge, will make a significant contribution to supporting the delivery and management of development that;

  • Protects land from development where appropriate,
  • Provides the required level of growth set out in the Core Strategy, and
  • Improves infrastructure and services to support this growth.

1.14 Through encouraging the local community to take part in this process, it is hoped that these Settlement ID Plans, will reflect local opinion as far as possible. We will do all that we can to take on board your views but we are duty bound to plan within the context of the Government’s wider growth agenda. We think our approach will achieve the best results for local communities, achieving the right blend of local knowledge and professional expertise. Nevertheless, there are alternatives.