Draft Settlement Investment and Development (ID) Plans-Esher

Progress so far

1.5 In response to local concerns about the impact of new development on local character and infrastructure, the Council prioritised the production of two documents which were adopted in April 2012;

  • Design and Character Supplementary Planning Document
  • Developer Contributions Supplementary Planning Document. 

1.6 In addition, a Community Infrastructure Levy Charging Schedule, the first in Surrey, which was adopted in April 2013[1] . This sets a charge of £125 per square metre for new residential development and £50 per square metre for retail development. The aim is to provide clarity about expectations prior to buying land, and ensure that new development contributes to the creation of an environment where growth is not stifled through lack of infrastructure and investment. It is estimated that this charge will raise in the region of £24 million over a 10 year period which will go towards funding a comprehensive package of infrastructure improvements across the Borough.

1.7 The Council is now producing the remaining documents that will complete its Local Plan;

  • The Development Management Plan
  • Settlement ID (Investment and Development) Plans

1.8 These two documents are being produced concurrently and are both subject to consultation now.


1. CIL is a new levy that will be charged on new developments.The money raised can be pooled and used to fund infrastructure that the councill and the local community wants - for example, new or safer road schemes, school expansion or improvements to leisure facilities.Further details of CIL including a summary can be found on the Communities and Local Government website and the Council’s website www.elmbridge.gov.uk/planning [back]