Draft Settlement Investment and Development (ID) Plans-Esher

What are we planning to do next?

Once we have received your comments, we will give consideration to all of them and decide what changes should be made in order to better reflect the views of the community whilst being mindful that we do need to plan for growth and be realistic about delivery.

You will be able to see what difference your comments have made in the Consultation Statement which will set out how and why the comments made during the consultation have either been taken on board and influenced the final document, or have not been considered appropriate for inclusion. The Consultation Statement will be available on the Council’s website.

If significant changes are considered necessary, either due to the nature of responses or the submission of new information, we will re-consult and everyone will have a further opportunity to comment. In the event that only minor changes are necessary, the plans will be submitted to the Secretary of State for examination by an independent inspector in the at the start of 2014. At this point, you still have an opportunity to comment on the plans if you so wish. However, it is hoped that by adopting a collaborative approach to drawing up these plans, they will benefit from a significant amount of support from the local community and objections will be kept to a minimum.

Stage in processDateRe-consultation necessary (alternative dates)
Publication November 2013 Summer 2014
Publication for independent examination December 2013 Autumn 2014
Adoption Autumn 2014 End of 2014