This webpage sets out information on the Options consultation for the Settlement Investment and Development (ID) Plans.  For further information on the plans including their role, progress to date and next steps please view the ID Plans webpage.

Options consultation

We consulted on the initial draft plans for a 6 week period between 8 April 2013 and 20 May 2013. We received over 700 individual responses to the consultation on the draft Plans. The comments are currently being analysed and will be taken into account in preparing the next version of the ID Plans.

Copies of the plans can be downloaded below and you can also view them at:

  • The Planning Services Reception, Elmbridge Borough Council, 1st Floor Civic Centre High Street, Esher KT10 9SD between 8.45am and 5.00pm (Monday to Friday); and
  • All Borough libraries - see the Surrey County Council website (or call 0300 200 1001 for locations and opening times).

***Please be aware that a site you may expect to be located in one settlement maybe discussed in another settlement plan for example the Former Sewage Works, Molesey Heath is discussed in the Walton ID Plan and not Molesey. This is the case for a number of sites bordering different settlements***

This consultation has now closed.


  • Opened
    8 Apr 2013 at 09:00
  • Closed
    20 May 2013 at 16:00

Consultation Documents