Design Code - initial consultation

Are you interested in design and planning in Elmbridge? Do you have a view on the value of design to the community? Would you like to share your thoughts and views with us and contribute to the creation of Elmbridge's own Design Code? If your answer is 'yes' then we would like to hear from you.

The council is preparing a new Local Plan which will include policies to shape new development in the borough for the next 15 years. The new Local Plan will contain several strategic and high-level development management policies however, it will be the role of other planning documents to provide additional details and guidance on how these policies will be implemented. The Design Code will support the implementation of policies relating to design matters.

What is a Design Code?

A Design Code is a set of illustrated design requirements that provide specific, detailed parameters for the physical development of a site or area. The aim of the Elmbridge Design Code is to reflect local character and design preferences; providing a framework for creating high-quality design in the borough.

The graphic and written components of the code should build upon a design vision for an area. Its content should be informed by 10 specific features of good places, called characteristics, set out in the National Design Guide, and the National Model Design Code.

These are:

  1. Context – local character and built heritage
  2. Movement – design of the street network, active travel and public transport
  3. Nature – design of green infrastructure, play spaces and the protection of biodiversity
  4. Built form – density, built form and urban design
  5. Identity – character of buildings
  6. Public space – design of streets and public spaces
  7. Homes and buildings – type and tenure of homes
  8. Uses – mix of uses and active frontage
  9. Resources – environmental design, renewable energy provision and low energy networks
  10. Lifespan – management and adoption of standards

What will I need to do?

The community engagement and the views of those who live and work in the area are the key to the success of our Design Code. To enable local communities to be involved in this process and as wide participation as possible, there will be 3 consultations carried out at different stages of the project.

This initial consultation relates to our plan of engagement with the community along this journey. How do you, as a resident or a local business, want to be involved or informed of the process of this code?

This initial consultation will run for 3 weeks and will open at 9am on Friday 21 January and close at 9am Friday 11 February 2022

We have set out some options as to how you may wish to be informed and ask that you take the time to complete the short survey below, to guide us.

Complete the survey here

Next steps

Following the Initial Consultation, all survey answers will be considered, and a Consultation Strategy formed setting out how our residents and local businesses will be involved moving forward. This will be published on our website.

The next key consultations will be based on the analysis of areas and creating of the vision for those areas. For more information on these next consultations as well as to keep up to date with this project please visit our website

If you have any queries, please contact us on 01372 474474.





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