Appendix 1 - Evidence Base Glossary

Included within this consultation document are the high-level outcomes from the evidence base review. For those wishing to see the final details, the entire suite of evidence base documents can be found on our website:

Set out below is a list which briefly explains each of the evidence base documents. Identified are those evidence base documents that have been prepared and those that will need to be prepared and / or updated to inform the further preparation of the new Elmbridge Local Plan. This list may be added to as and when appropriate.




Alternative Development Options

September 2016

Outlines the alternative strategic options for the delivery of housing and development growth within the Borough.

Authorities Monitoring Report

December 2016

An annual report designed to monitor the implementation of our current policies.

Employment Land Review & Functional Economic Area

Functional Economic Area completed. Employment Land Review update being prepared.

The aim of the study & review is to enable the Council to make decisions relating to the potential allocation of employment sites for redevelopment; the designation of key areas of commercial property as strategic employment land; and the possible implementation of article 4 directions.

Settlement Assessment

September 2015

Examines the economic, social and environmental roles of each of the eight settlements in order to understand their sustainability and potential to accommodate additional development.

Duty to Cooperate Scoping Statement

January 2015

Sets out how we will cooperate with other local planning authorities and organisations, to ensure that cross-boundary and strategic planning matters are addressed as part of the preparation and implementation of the Local Plan.

Equalities Impact Assessment (EqIA)

November 2016

Explores the equality implications of Local Plan policies and identifies any mitigation measures that could be implemented to ensure any negative impacts are reduced to an acceptable level. The EqIA will be reviewed at each stage of the preparation / publication of the Local Plan.

Exceptional Circumstances

September 2016

Sets out the factors that the Council considers to be 'exceptional circumstances' to justify any proposed amendment to the Green Belt boundary.

Green Belt Boundary Review (GBBR)

March 2016

Provides an assessment of how different areas of land perform against the purposes of the Green Belt as set out in national planning policy. The review identifies any land that no longer meets the aims and purposes of Green Belt.

Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation Assessment (GTAA) (Draft)

December 2016

Identifies the need for pitches for Gypsies and Travellers and Travelling Showpeople and Circus People across the Borough.

Habitats Regulations Assessment (HRA) - Stage 1 Initial Screening Report

November 2016

The purpose of the Habitats Regulation Assessment (HRA) is to identify any aspect of the emerging Local Plan that would have the potential to cause a likely significant effect on protected sites, either in isolation or 'in combination' with other plans and projects. The Initial Screening Report is the starting point for this process and focuses on the three Strategic Options and whether these options alone or 'in combination' are likely to have a significant effect.

Heritage Strategy

December 2015

The strategy provides a framework for how we understand, preserve, manage, integrate, interpret and promote our heritage in both the immediate and long term future.

Infrastructure Delivery Plan (IDP)

To be prepared

Sets out infrastructure requirements e.g. transport, schools needed to support proposed growth. In addition, an assessment of the potential funding sources for the infrastructure required to support growth is made.

Kingston & North East Surrey Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA)

June 2016

Defines those areas with strong links and similarities to the housing market in Elmbridge and which form a coherent Housing Market Area (HMA). An assessment is then undertaken for the HMA to identify how many new homes will be required over a twenty year period, to meet the needs of existing and future populations. The SHMA sets out the need for market and affordable homes as well as the needs of specific groups such as older people, minority groups, and people with disabilities.

Land Availability Assessment (LAA)

September 2016

Seeks to identify sufficient sites to demonstrate a five year supply of housing and pitches for Gypsies and Travellers in the context of the Core Strategy. It also sets out the Objectively Assessed Housing Needs (OAHN) for the Borough and whether or not this can be met within the context of the existing spatial strategy. The LAA identifies development opportunities to meet the needs of our economy including commercial/industrial/warehousing and retail.

Local Green Space (LGS) Assessment

September 2016

Identifies those areas of open space that have particular importance and value to the community that are to be designated as Local Green Space and protected against future development.

Open Space and Recreation Assessment (OSRA)

October 2014

Provides a review of existing open space provision in terms of quantity, quality, accessibility and wider value to the community. Sets open space standards and identifies surpluses and deficiencies.

Retail Assessment

April 2016

Provides evidence on the existing and future roles of the Borough's Town, District and Local Centres and assesses future demand for retail floorspace having regard to the expected levels of growth in Elmbridge and neighbouring authorities as well as changes in consumer behaviour.

Review of Absolute Constraints

September 2016

Identifies constraints to development e.g. Sites of Special Scientific Interest, Flooding etc., for areas of land within the Green Belt that would prevent development from taking place as the potential impacts cannot be mitigated.

Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (SFRA)

May 2015

Provides information on flood risk from all sources (rivers, surface water, groundwater sewers, and artificial sources) across the Borough to help ensure that development is directed away from areas of flood risk or where it does take place, that it is safe and the risk of flooding is minimised.

Suitable Accessible Natural Greenspace (SANG) Assessment

To be prepared

If additional SANGs are required to mitigate higher levels of housing growth, this report will provide an assessment of land to determine whether it could be designated as a SANG.

Sustainability Appraisal/Strategic Environmental Assessment (SA/SEA) Scoping Report

September 2016

An assessment process that aims to ensure that social, environmental and economic considerations are integrated into the plan making process. SA/SEA is applied at each stage of plan production and the process and key decisions are audited in a series of reports. The Scoping Report represents the first stage of the SA/SEA process.

Transport Assessment

To be published

Provides the Council with an up to date understanding of the impact of future development scenarios on the local and strategic road network in Elmbridge and just beyond over the next 20 years. The assessment shows whether the existing road network has the capacity to support the proposed development options or whether mitigation measures will need to identified to off-set the impact of any proposed development.

Viability Assessment

To be prepared

Supports the setting of developer contributions e.g. affordable housing, Thames Basin Heath Special Protection Area, to ensure that development is not financially overburdened and is achievable. It will also consider the ability of key strategic development areas to provide sufficient levels of affordable housing and smaller homes to meet the exceptional circumstances required to justify release from the Green Belt.