Consultation on local 2016 Community Infrastructure Levy funding applications Weybridge


For the settlement of Weybridge £170,000 is available to spend on local infrastructure projects.  Legislation states that these funds must be spent on projects that meet the following criteria.

  • The provision, improvement, replacement, operation or maintenance of infrastructure; or
  • Anything else that is concerned with addressing the demands that development places on an area. 

 The definition of infrastructure is broad and includes roads and other transport infrastructure, flood defences, schools and other educational facilities, medical facilities, sporting and recreation facilities, open spaces.

There are 5 applications for CIL funds, totalling £134,400: 

  1. Renovation work at Weybridge Centre for the Community. CIL funding of £80,000  has been requested for renovations to the centre including replacement of all toilets. The centre opened in 1978 and refurbishments are needed to ensure the continued operation of services and facilities for older people including meals on wheels, full kitchen provision, dementia groups, community groups and classes. The facilities are reaching the stage that they are no longer fit for purpose .  Centres such as these play an important role in ensuring that vulnerable older people can be maintained and supported appropriately within community settings.  Refurbishment will ensure that the facilities are fully accessible responding to needs of an ageing population.
  2. Signage in Weybridge town centre to help improve the look and feel of the town centre to contribute towards a vibrant retail centre. CIL funding of £3,900 has been requested towards the project which consists of gateway signs and lamp column banners and is part of a wider future programme of environmental improvements to support the vitality of the town centre for the local community including businesses.
  3. Improved and expanded cycle storage facilities at Heathside School. CIL funding of 33,500 has been requested to improve security of existing storage facilities and the provision of 60 additional cycle storage spaces. Although cycle parking provision is currently at capacity, school budget pressures mean that it has not been possible to allocate funding to this project. Within Surrey, Heathside school has one of the highest percentages of students that cycle to school and the school is keen to increase the proportion. Cycle parking provision currently does not readily allow for increased numbers. Any work to attempt to address the number of motor vehicles attempting to access Brooklands Lane in peak hours could help contribute to addressing local concerns around access to the school. The school and PTA are able to commit £6,500 to the project.
  4. Improved signage between the Thames Path National Trail and the Wey Navigation Walk. The link between the two routes is poorly sign posted and improvements to the Thames Path and the network of open spaces and footpaths along it are intended to help improve access to open space for local residents. Effective use of signage is known to encourage use. The proposal is to install cast iron finger posts to link the Wey Trail with the Thames Path along Thames Street and Church Walk with a request for £12,000 CIL funding to enable the work.
  5. Enhancement of  Weybridge Point which would include landscaping of the car park, benches and introduction of a viewing platform. CIL funding of £5,000 has been requested for 2016 for the initial design phase of the project.  Demand pressures are increasing along the Thames pathway and the project intends to enhance the area in response to increased usage. This work would take place following consultation with the community and users as to how this open space could be enhanced.


Please let us know your views on these projects below. Please provide an answer to all questions. To submit a response, please click on save these answers. Any money that is not allocated will be available for future years.