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Strategic Options Consultation

This consultation is to seek views on the Strategic Options for meeting development needs as part of the preparation of a new Local Plan to replace the Core Strategy. In particular, it sets out the Council’s preferred option for a new spatial strategy. We are also seeking comments on a range of issues which will help inform the contents of a new Local Plan.

Closed 16 Dec 2016 24 Feb 2017

Consultation on applications for Community Infrastructure Levy funding in Hersham

This consultation provides information on applications submitted for CIL funding for the Hersham area.

Closed 07 Sep 2016 26 Sep 2016

Neighbourhood Planning

In accordance with the Neighbourhood Planning Regulations 2012, the Council is consulting on an application received for the designation of a Neighbourhood Area and Forum for Burwood Park, Hersham.

Closed 14 Mar 2016 02 May 2016

Consultation on local 2016 Community Infrastructure Levy funding applications

This consultation presents applications submitted for CIL funding in 2016.

Closed 12 Jan 2016 07 Feb 2016

Updated Regulation 123 list

The Regulation 123 List sets out the types of infrastructure that may be funded through CIL in the Borough. The updated Regulation 123 List reflects the updated delivery plans of partners.

Closed 01 Dec 2015 04 Jan 2016

Adoption of the Flood Risk Supplementary Planning Document

Closed 12 Oct 2015 09 Nov 2015

Proposed Amendments to the 2013 Statement of Community Involvement

Consultation for a new 'Publicity on Planning Applications' table and amendments to the 2013 Statement of Community Involvement.

Closed 16 Mar 2015 27 Apr 2015

Development Management Plan - Proposed Submission

The Development Management Plan will contain the day-to-day policies against which planning applications and enforcement action will be assessed. It will contain the policies needed to manage the appropriate delivery of high quality development across the Borough. The Proposed Submission version will contain the policies intended for submission to the Secretary of State for examination, and provides a final opportunity to comment on the proposed plan.

Closed 03 Feb 2014 17 Mar 2014

Town and Village Centre Questionnaire

Last year the Council undertook a survey to better understand the changes that have occurred in our town and village centres in order to plan effectively for the future. This work has been important in shaping our understanding of the health and vitality of our town and village centres and informing future plans. In order to maintain an understanding of the changes over time the Council are keen to once again get the views of businesses and residents on the health, identity and vibrancy of their local centres. What do you value, dislike or feel could improve these areas? Please take the time to fill in this questionnaire as the views and opinions of local people, organisations and businesses are vital to shaping the Borough we live and work in, so please get involved!

Closed 13 Aug 2013 11 Oct 2013

Options consultation: Settlement Investment and Development (ID) Plans

The aim of Settlement ID plans is simply to plan for investment and development within local areas in partnership with the local community. A plan has been produced for each of the eight settlements in Elmbridge and they identify: the key sites for the delivery of housing; commercial and community development; pitches for Gypsies and Travellers; Schools and colleges where there are opportunities for expansion; open spaces that need to be protected and some earmarked for enhancement; employment land that should remain as such because of its strategic importance; infrastructure improvements and priorities

Closed 08 Apr 2013 20 May 2013