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A Littler Reducing journeys by car, especially those of under 3 miles each way. Good cycleways and footpath, such as those in Milton Keynes, would produce a huge benefit to health, the NHS and education.
A new key challenge is facilitating pleasant mixed communities in which people want to live/work and where they feel ownership and engagement with society.
Minimising the environmental impacts from existing population.
The challenges set out represent a very short-term view only. 2035 is less than a generation away.
Increasing the delivery of affordable/small housing is also an economic challenge.
Protecting/enhancing the natural environment is also a social challenge
Infrastructure - needs to be ALL infrastructure, not just that resulting from increased development. It's important to consider overall improvements, not just deal reactively with new needs.
Minimise the environmental impacts from EXISTING developments as well as any new ones.
18 Feb 2017 10:12
A Littler Yes 18 Feb 2017 10:12
A S Cooper Yes 08 Feb 2017 11:15
A S Cooper YES. Apart from the preservation of our green spaces for all, I see quality of life as including working with others to promote or develop basic infrastructure and services such as access to healthcare, education, law and order, sanitation and transport - and , yes, leisure and recreation. These all need significant investment before contemplating expanding the population on brownfield developments. However, short of any new investment, I see a slow but steady degradation of these services. Indeed, the proposal to build on green belt would actively remove leisure and recreation options. 08 Feb 2017 11:15
A.B Cotterell Key to the future of Elmbridge, if it deserves to survive as a Borough, is the preservation of the environment, already under threat by back garden development. The only way forward in planning terms is to have higher density in brown field sites. 29 Dec 2016 08:59
A.B Cotterell Yes 29 Dec 2016 08:59
A.B Cotterell Recently, on being told where I live, a fellow traveller remarked 'Oh heavy weight Surrey'. There is this desirability of living in Surrey in the consciousness of the wide world. We just can't wipe out the quality of this 'green and pleasant land' in one fall stoke of 'weakly performing'. One foreign visitor said how wonderful to be just outside London and yet so green and countrified. We must preserve this quality of life for now and for positives. 24 Feb 2017 12:07
A.B Cotterell Yes 24 Feb 2017 12:07
Aaron Barlow Yes 22 Feb 2017 22:55
Aaron Barlow Elmbridge should be addressing the challenges facing its existing residents, businesses and environment:

- Protecting the existing green belt that stops the urban sprawl and 'londonisation' that is so evident when you travel only a few short miles to neighbouring boroughs.

- Protecting our green belts, which are a haven for local wildlife/nature reserves, education use by schools, leisure activities, extensive district cub scout activities etc.

- The provision of adequate school places for residents from the borough, which is already beyond challenging with many black spots.

- The management of existing traffic flows, especially from transitory 'rat-run' traffic, which in some instances passes schools at dangerous speeds.

- The maintenance of our road network, which in many places is dangerous to motorists, cyclists and pedestrians

- Growing pollution from Elmbridge's existing footprint, never-mind the increased pollution from an increased population.

- The provision of adequate GP/NHS facilities - it is already very difficult to secure an appointment within an acceptable time frame.

- The public transport network, which is already beyond full capacity
22 Feb 2017 22:55
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